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Want More Sales Leads? Try These!

September 23, 2013

Website-conversionsSometimes, all it takes is a little redesigning on your website to turn your stagnate site around into one that is yielding financially. A little tweak in some key areas can facilitate this for you.

If you’re ready to start increasing your earnings, read on to learn what steps you should take now:

Make Sure Your Landing Page Sells

The first thing that your site visitors will lay their eyes on is your landing page. Therefore, it’s important for your landing page to make the right type of impression the first time around. You need to make sure that your landing page makes it clear that you want the sale. Whether you are selling products or collecting data, don’t be shy about asking for the sale. Address your readers in the second person (You are, etc.). Make sure that your landing page is clutter-free and you’re off to a great start!

Don’t Complicate Closing The Sale

It’s all too common for a webmaster to lean too heavily on pitch pages, facts, graphs, photos, etc, instead of closing the sale. Site visitors don’t want to have to navigate through pages of content just to finalize the transaction. If your site visitors want to close the deal, make it easy for them!

Make The Transaction As Fast As Possible

Now more than ever, you want to make sure that your site pages load quickly. Site visitors are becoming increasingly impatient with their site experiences. A slow-loading site equals no sales for you. You can ensure faster loading pages by removing excess clutter. See if you can reduce your graphic size without losing the quality of your content. Shaving off unnecessary data from your pages will provide a faster site visitor experience.

Use Testimonials

Your site visitors don’t know who you are and they’ll need a bit of coaxing and reassurance before they give you a sale. That’s where well-placed testimonials come into play. Sprinkle testimonials throughout your pages and your site visitors will feel more confident about giving you the sale.

If you’re ready to gain more site leads and sales, put these tips into place and start to notice the difference.

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