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Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Los Angeles Video SEO and Marketing Promotions

In the media-heavy age of YouTube, creating video content for your business is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers and clients. From promo videos to long form informational videos, work with our video marketing team to create an effective, user-friendly video that markets your business online.

Over the last five years, businesses have increasingly added video to their marketing tool belt. From landing page videos to promotional YouTube clips, developing video content for your website has a huge number of benefits:

  • Enjoy an increase in engagement as visitors sit back, relax, and absorb your content visually. Adding video content to your website is an excellent way to decrease your bounce rate – the number of visitors that leave your website immediately after arriving – and increase your average user engagement.
  • Improve your conversion rate with a promotional video. Landing pages that use video tend to have higher conversion rates than the standard image and text-heavy sales page. Incorporate a short promotional video into your PPC landing pages for a substantial boost to campaign profitability.
  • Gain visibility as your videos rank for industry-leading search terms. Due to the immense SEO authority of websites like YouTube and Vimeo, your video could end up ranking highly for valuable search terms when combined with the right marketing strategy.
  • Become a hit on social networks. Internet users love video content as it’s far easier to digest than lengthy text-only pages. Attract feedback and potential customers from social networks and online communities that watch, share, and comment on your video.

Crafting a promotional video is hard work, and amateur video marketing is more of a liability than an advantage. Let our experienced video marketing team shoot, edit, and distribute your online video content for optimum results. We use a variety of strategies to enhance your online video presence, including:

  • Shooting your promotional or informational videos to give the greatest possible audio and video quality. A low quality video is a liability – let our team produce a crisp, clear video for your business that’s sure to impress and get your message across.
  • Crafting your video’s content to appeal to your target audience. An effective promotional video needs to strike a connection with your audience. Let our expert video marketing team plan and optimize your video to appeal to your target customers without boring or alienating your audience.
  • Optimizing your video to appear prominently in search results. Your video’s value is directly linked to its visibility. Let our video marketing team optimize your video content for maximum visibility in Google and YouTube’s search results, bringing in new business whenever someone searches for you.

From new customers to online publicity, hot leads to ‘authority’ status, online video has a wide variety of benefits for your business. Invest in your online presence with a high quality, conversion optimized promotional video from our experienced team and never worry about your YouTube presence again.