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Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

Experience Up-to-Date Mobile SEO Strategy in Los Angeles

Web users are rapidly turning to their smartphones instead of their computers to access the Internet. If your business isn’t optimized for both home computers and modern mobile phones, you could be missing out on hundreds – or even thousands – of high quality, passionate potential customers every month.

Gone are the days of mobile web browsers ‘dumbing down’ the Internet. Today, it’s often far quicker to access Google from your mobile phone than it is to pull out your notebook. Because of this, dedicating some of your marketing budget to mobile can give your business some fantastic advantages:

  • Capitalize on the web’s fastest-growing browser device. Mobile marketing is about both organic and paid search marketing. With a huge amount of mobile search traffic available at highly affordable prices, capitalizing on mobile is a great way to purchase low-cost, high-converting clicks.
  • Optimize your website for mobile users and increase your average revenue per user (RPU) from mobile. Mobile optimized websites that use responsive web design have higher conversion rates for mobile users. Can you afford to lose hundreds of customers every month because of your website’s design?
  • Use custom metrics like pay-per-call and click-to-call advertisements to get more leads for less money. Google and other advertising companies offer a wide range of flexible custom metrics for mobile advertisers, making it easy to build a campaign that suits your revenue model.

One of the biggest advantages of optimizing your website and marketing campaigns for mobile is the greater intent of mobile users. From restaurants to printers, a lot of businesses can benefit hugely from being visible to users that are on the go, ready to spend, and looking for a business that’s near them.

Put your business front and center for mobile users with the help of our experienced mobile marketing team. Enjoy an increase in leads and sales from mobile users from the wide variety of strategies our team implements, including:

  • Auditing your website to assess its usability for mobile users, and creating a mobile-friendly responsive design that makes your website just as usable on a mobile device as it is on a full-resolution desktop.
  • Assessing your mobile search visibility to spot new opportunities in organic SEO, paid Adwords search, and other mobile ad placements.
  • Optimizing your existing search listings and paid advertisements to take advantage of mobile-friendly technology like click-to-call, pay-per-call ad pricing, and other great tools for mobile marketing.
  • Enhancing your Google Places listing and improving your visibility in Google Local, giving your business increased visibility from customers searching for places to shop in your local area.

Mobile marketing isn’t just the future: it’s very much the present. If your business is invisible to mobile users, you could be missing out on hundreds – if not thousands – of new customers every month. Invest in your marketing success with a mobile SEO and marketing strategy from our experienced and skilled mobile marketing team.