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eCommerce SEO Services by Los Angeles eCommerce Search Engine Optimization Company

One of the best ways to acquire high-value eCommerce customers is to ensure that your website is clear, visible, and easy to find in search engines. Our specialized and highly effective Los Angeles eCommerce SEO service can help you optimize your product-driven website to receive more organic visitors, generate more leads, and make more sales.

The benefits of having a highly optimized online store are numerous. From a long-term increase in sales to improved online exposure, our team can provide a number of key benefits to your online store’s marketing, including:

  • A long-term increase in sales fueled by organic search traffic. Rank near (or at) the top for industry-leading keywords that make your store the leader in its field.
  • Increased customer retention. Lifetime value (LTV) is an essential metric for online stores. Increase your average customer’s spending by making more of your products visible in the search engines to capitalize on your brand.
  • Improved conversion rates. By combining eCommerce SEO Los Angeles with our expert conversion optimization service, your online business can enjoy a larger amount of traffic, as well as a far higher average revenue-per-user figure.

In short, the advantages of eCommerce website marketing can be broken down into two cores: a long-term increase in traffic, and an increase in the amount of revenue that you get from your traffic. eCommerce website marketing is ideal for helping your web store make more money, get more customers, and operate as a far healthier business.

Optimizing an online shop for search engines is quite different from doing the same for a standard content-driven website. Instead of lengthy articles and blog posts, eCommerce websites are often heavy on product descriptions and reviews – two immensely powerful SEO assets, when utilized correctly.

Our expert eCommerce SEO team in Los Angeles can implement a variety of strategies to improve your search engine placements and on-site performance, including:

    • Auditing your product description pages to ensure that duplicate content is never used. Many online stores use generic descriptions written by manufacturers and distributors, negating their potential SEO advantage.
  • Using a variety of on-site optimization techniques, our team can prepare unique product description content to improve the performance of your online store and increase organic search traffic.
  • Optimizing your product reviews to best target search keywords. If your website accepts reviews from users, it may be sitting on top of a potential SEO goldmine. Work with our team to audit your product reviews for SEO potential and optimize them to appear in Google’s search rankings.
  • Auditing and optimizing page titles and other on-site elements. From header tags to keyword usage in product descriptions, our team will look at all of the top SEO elements on your eCommerce website and optimize them for ideal performance.

As well as our large variety of on-site eCommerce SEO services, our advanced team can optimize your online store’s off-site SEO using the following effective tactics:

  • Sourcing high-quality inbound links from press releases, news coverage, blogger reviews, and other organic opportunities. Natural and powerful, these links are ideal for ranking your website while avoiding a potential search quality penalty.
  • Locating brand building opportunities that drive PageRank to your online store and improving its search engine ranking. From unique opportunities for press coverage to powerful inbound links, let our experienced Los Angeles eCommerce SEO team handle your outbound link sourcing campaigns.