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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Los Angeles Pay Per Click Optimization and Management

Benefit from immediate results and instant lead generation with a Pay Per Click  advertising campaign for your business. SEOPOP can help you implement a PPC advertising strategy that brings in fresh leads for your business as soon as your campaign goes live.

Enjoy the same high quality leads that can be generated from a strong organic search listing without the lengthy wait required for successful SEO. With a Pay Per Click advertising campaign, you can rapidly scale your advertising efforts to generate profitable leads on a level that suits your business.

The benefits of Pay Per Click  advertising are numerous, particularly for businesses that have yet to experience the scale and profitability of an online advertising campaign. If you’re accustomed to marketing using SEO, you will appreciate the following key benefits of PPC advertising:

  • Scale from a $20 daily budget to a $20,000 daily budget overnight.
  • Track your profitable keywords using Adwords’ built-in conversion tracking system.
  • Quickly eliminate unprofitable keywords, display ad placements, and advertising banners with the push of a button.
  • Enjoy ‘hands off’ lead generation once your campaign and landing page have been optimized to suit your keywords.

We break our Pay Per Click advertising campaigns into three distinct processes to benefit our clients. Work with our professional team of PPC experts as we craft your campaign using the following three optimization processes:

  • Finding your industry’s top-performing keywords Work with our experienced team as we search for high-value keywords in your industry and implement advertising campaigns aimed at generating as much profitable traffic as possible. Sit back as we optimize your campaign on your behalf, removing low-profit keywords and increasing your bid on top performers in order to capture a large slice of your industry that’s consistently profitable.
  • Optimizing your campaign for optimum volume and return on investment There’s very little value in a high-volume PPC campaign that fails to reach profitability. Let our experienced team optimize your campaign to reduce your average cost per click (CPC) and increase your average earnings per click (EPC) to produce the optimum return on investment. Using advanced bid management techniques, we can optimize your PPC campaign to deliver the maximum amount of profitable leads within your daily budget. Benefit from more leads at a lower cost as we ‘trim away the fat’ of your PPC campaign, leaving profitable keywords and placements.
  • Scale your PPC campaign and increase your business’s online reach Pay Per Click advertising can grow from a local effort into a nationwide campaign overnight. Expand your business’s online advertising efforts to target prospects using a variety of social, search, and display networks. From Google’s Adwords Content Network to Facebook’s modern social ad system, let SEOPOP’s expert PPC team scale your advertising campaign to reach the largest possible online audience, all while maintaining your ROI to deliver profitable leads to your business.

Pay Per Click  advertising isn’t necessarily an alternative to SEO, but a marketing option that should complement SEO. For complete online marketing success, it’s best to invest in a combination of PPC and SEO-based strategies to produce the largest amount of profitable leads for your business at the lowest cost.