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Local SEO

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization for Los Angeles Companies

Over the last decade, Google has increased its emphasis on delivering high quality local results for searchers. Today, a search for ‘New York dry cleaners’ delivers an assortment of mapped location results, Google Plus business pages, and the usual search results that many of us are accustomed to.

If you operate a business that depends on local customers – for example, an auto mechanic’s shop – being listed prominently in Google Local’s search results is an excellent way to bring in new customers and leads.

Enjoy more customers, more income, and phones that never stop ringing with our expert Google Local optimization service. Benefit from the following advantages of being ranked prominently in Google’s local search results:

  • More customers, due to your website being visible for search terms that are targeted to your local area. If you run a dry cleaning business, being ranked first in Google’s local search for ‘your city’s dry cleaners’ is a highly valuable online marketing asset.
  • A high conversion rate from organic search customers. Let our team target high-value buying keywords that are known for converting from leads into customers. Using Google’s tools, we can identify high-value keywords that exist in your local market and optimize your website to appear for them.
  • Local ‘authority’ status that leads to organic publicity opportunities. Be the number one local business in your industry for your city and benefit from a level of brand recognition and respect that your competitor’s can’t match.

Our dedicated local SEO team takes a holistic approach to localizing and optimizing your website for a certain geographical area. From Anchorage to Atlanta, let us take control of your Google Local marketing campaign to deliver superior results using a variety of effective tactics.

Focus on operating your business as our expert team improves your Google Local positioning using the following proven, risk-free strategies:

  • Local link building, with high quality links sourced from influential blogs and news websites in your area. Google’s focus on localized link building means it is extremely important to source high-value, non-automated local links.
  • Sourcing citations and reviews from existing customers and evangelists for your business. Benefit from a ‘star-ranked’ Google listing that shows a star-rated review score beside your listings. This is known to produce a serious increase in your search listing’s clickthrough rate from Google’s inner page.
  • On-site localization and local search optimization. Google uses specific on-site information – such as your website’s Google Maps pin, title keyphrase, and public phone number – to localize your website. Let our experienced team optimize your website to best target your local search results pages.
  • Relevant on-site content that’s targeted towards your local area, including engaging blog posts, useful articles, and other information geared towards your local audience and your website’s target search keywords.

As search moves away from anonymous websites and towards local results, having your own local search presence is becoming ever more essential. Invest in local SEO and experience the immense value of a top-ranked local search listing far in advance of your competitors.