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Suggestions for Enhancing Your
Website Conversions

September 16, 2013

Website-ConversonsUnderstand the following little definition. The conversion rate of your website is based upon the amount of visitors that do what you want them to do.

For most small companies, the number one goal of their website is to sell a product or service. So, if we change this goal, your website conversion rate now can be calculated as the amount of visitors who become customers or the visitors who are interested in your services.

Were you aware that the typical conversion rate for a website is just three percent? However, if the website is optimized correctly, you might get as much as a ten percent conversion.

But how can you improve the conversion rate of your website? How do you enhance your low conversion rate and make it a high one?

Know your customers. Segment your target audience, which will make it easier to create a better website design. Find out exactly what your customers need right now and utilize this as a way to sell them something they need. For example, if you provide services, everyone will expect to receive services that are fast and will want prices and quotes fairly quickly too.

Train customers to seek you out because of your unique selling proposition. This will be your way to obtain leads that will turn into sales. When you know what your customers want you can offer a distinctive selling proposition based upon those needs. Be certain that it satisfies this need.

Get the attention of your visitors. You now have a unique selling proposition but, how will you let your customers know exactly what it is? Basically, you will use strategic enticement. Make sure that everyone knows what your USP is. Be bold. Do you want subscribers for your newsletter? Use big bold colorful buttons that will get their attention. The main thing is to ensure that everything that is on your website page continues to lead visitors to perform the action that you want them to do. Although a call to action is old hat, it is still very effective. A sales copy that has a bold message will also work as well.

Be easy to contact. Customers don’t want a run around if they need questions answered. Make sure that your contact info is prominent on your website. Put them in the website header and make it huge.

If you have an ecommerce site, consider a chat line. If the customer gets his question answered, this could sway him into buying your products.

Make sure that you don’t have too many things to fill out on the contact form. Just include the necessities.

You are getting more conversions and this means that you are generating more leads. This will make customer service and sales better. You may have to do more with the design, but it will help you overall.

If you want to get a higher website conversion rate, then ask for a free quote and learn more.

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