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You Can Put Your Customers To
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August 12, 2013

put-your-clients-to-workUnlike the old adage that tells us the customer is king and business owners must become contortionists catering to every whim of the client, there are rare occasions when it is possible to get customers to work to our advantage.

Today’s blog post is centered on customer referrals. Believe me when I say that there is a wrong and right way to work with referrals.

Before asking something in return, give something of value. Your first move, before anything else, should be offering something to your customer. Give them a glowing review as you introduce them to your contacts. Recommend your customers to your already active clients. This helps to lay a good foundation of karma between the client and your business as you angle your way around a recommendation from them. By first providing a referral, it sill improve the chances that your client will also share their customer base with you. This is what is called a win, win situation!

Timing is the key. Just as important as asking for the referral is when you do that. A common mistake in timing is to ask new clients for referrals shortly after concluding a transaction. This is not the most opportune time because they have just purchased something from you. You must first earn their trust by delivering on your promises of good products or services if you want to deal with them. Your first task is to deliver excellence. Once you have been successful with this, it will be time to request a glowing referral. You will have gained their confidence which is just what you need for a sure fire sales referral.

Your client can speak for you. After getting them to agree to refer your business, get them to reach the prospect for you. Try to get them to give the referred party a call to introduce you via the telephone. If possible, have them arrange a face to face meeting to help build instant trust and rapport.

Customer reviews are the next best referrals. Satisfied clients could write a rave review of your business and place it on Yelp or Google Local listings. This may be a bit less direct, but it is still a valuable way to get referrals because prospects typically investigate companies of interest by doing a Google search.

Hopefully, these easy strategies will help you get at a minimum of one sales referral prior to the end of the year. Now is the perfect time to get referrals because consumers are in a lighter mood. Luck to you.

We at SEOPOP would like to help you develop your strategy of getting sales leads on a consistent basis, whether they come from clients of yours or alternative channels.


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