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Use These Three Strategies To Develop Your Strong SEO Foundation

August 19, 2013

chess figurinesAs everyone knows, Googles quest for SEO quality has frightened even the most experienced SEOs from using tactics that were acceptable in the past. These included low quality link building schemes to poor content on websites. While these tactics and others used to be commonplace on websites, now, no one wants to openly try these unless they want to get de-indexed by Google.

While Google’s aggressive changes have resolved many of the unethical tactics that many marketers were using, it also created a secondary problem. Newer marketers are scared to death of engaging in any type of link building. Since people new to SEO have stopped link building, they are failing to create a foundation of on-site optimization for their online marketing efforts.

The facts are these: While Google needed to address the black-hat tactics that took over the internet in the past, the old white hat tactics still work and are still applicable. If you want to increase your search engine ranking, try some of the old-school tried but true SEO tactics, in order to build a solid foundation.

Develop A Simple Keyword Theme

From around 2011 through 2013, Google attacked websites that in short engaged in what is called keyword stuffing. Marketers used too many keywords in the body of thin, low quality, short content.

As a result of Google attacks on these type of websites, we are now seeing the opposite take effect: There are websites that provides an over-abundance of content sprinkled with very little keywords. While one should never stuff their content with keywords, it’s still okay to use keywords with page titles, subheadings and in the body of your content. Just don’t abuse keyword usage and you’ll be fine!

Use “Pillar” Articles And Other Tools

An architect would never base the solidity of their building on the plaster and the bricks. They base the solidity of their building on a strong foundation. Pillars are erected from the foundation and the pillars hold up the structure.

The same holds true for your website. Build your marketing strategy on a foundation of niche-relevant content that works well with core keywords. Then use “pillar” content to support your site and naturally attract links to your site.

You can create “pillar content” such as lists, videos or epic content articles. Even the best websites won’t always have the best page ranking. Therefore, you’ll need to use pillar content to give your site that extra SEO support and edge that you’ll need.

You Can Still Build High-Value Inbound Links

This strategy might sound insane in 2013 after all of the Google changes that have taken place but actually, your links will still help your site to rank well. The key is to gain high-value links. Without them, even the best website with the most relevant content will never be found in a search query.

Here’s what you should keep in mind: Google forbids buying links or automatically generating links. However, using white-hat tactics to naturally generate high-quality links is perfectly fine.

You can do this with email outreach or by getting to know the world’s top bloggers. You’ll find that garnering high-quality links are the best way to build a website foundation that will get you ranked highly in the search engines.

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