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On Site Optimization: ROI is just as Important as Traffic

September 9, 2013

One of the largest errors that a lot of companies make is thinking that more traffic will result in more profits. It is simple mistake that is not that hard to see. Besides, just because someone goes to the mall, it does not mean that they will buy anything.

ROI-is-importantThe same principle can be applied when it comes to website visitors. Not all of them will become customers. SEO companies and internet marketers always make the same error that a lot of retail owners make. They assume that if they get a lot of traffic to their website, then they will make more money.

However, random traffic is not as important as potential customers. The same way that there are window shoppers in the mall, they exist on the web also. They will come to your site based upon certain keywords, but this will not give you that much punch for your SEO dollars.

There will be a time when you want to shift from paying attention to getting traffic to paying attention to on site conversion optimization. As opposed to getting more traffic, you should pay attention to getting the most ROI from the visitors that you currently possess.

If your typical customer buys two times as much as they once did, you will only have to get fifty percent of those customers in order to make the same amount of money. This is something that plenty of online marketers seem to overlook. They are too excited about getting more traffic and don’t really want to optimize their websites.

If you are having a hard time finding new valuable keywords, use one of the following on site optimization techniques in order to get more revenue without having to put in more SEO efforts:

Change your “About” page so that it gives out information and also sells a product. One way to obtain visitor leads is to add a call to action form to various information pages. This will give visitors a chance to get in touch with you once they have seen this information.

Split test multiple site designs. Surprisingly, plain websites get more conversions than the fancy ones. One of the best methods to use to get more money per user is to split test multiple website designs and utilize the one that does the best. An excellent resource for enhancing your website’s regular conversion rate is called Visual Website Optimizer.

Pay attention to getting additional traffic from your existing search impressions. Adwords advertisers will state that the title of your website has a big influence on the number of visitors that will click via a Google search. Usually, all it takes is changing your website title. Include an action word like ‘free,’ or ‘today’ will get more visitors.

In conclusion, good SEO involves more than just trying to get the most traffic. The important thing is how you leverage that traffic. Use these easy on site optimization techniques and you will get more money without having to use additional SEO tactics.

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