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Target Commercial Keywords For Your PPC Campaign

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Target Commercial Keywords For Your PPC Campaign

October 21, 2013

Targeting Commercial Keywords for PPCThe SEO industry is full of buzzwords that have helped to increase production within the industry. Phrases like “authority”, “trust rank” and “latent semantic indexing” might seem strange to outsiders but these are very familiar to SEO insiders.

All of these insider phrases are important and they’ll becoming increasingly important. In the past, peppering content with keywords worked but in … Read More

Local Advertising: Mobile Ads and the Future

October 14, 2013

mobile-adsWhat if you were standing in front of a pet store and your phone starts to vibrate. When you look at the screen, you don’t see a text message, email or even a site notification. But instead, you see an advertisement for the pet store that you are standing in front of. The store has good discount on some pet … Read More