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4 Things to Ask Before Hiring an
SEO Company

August 5, 2013

Hiring-an-SEO-CompanyIf you were to perform a Google search on the keyword “SEO Company” for the companies within your region, you would probably receive a couple of pages of search results. The search results would have a range of freelance contractors all the way up to the most reputable big SEO companies. Trying to pick just one would be quite difficult to do without doing further research.

One of the best methods for finding a wonderful SEO company involves interviewing your potential choices. Since they are trying to get your business, most companies would not object to answering a few questions about what they do and how they can help you.

The following questions can help you to pick out the top performing companies and also weed out the bad ones. Ask each company each of these individual questions. See if any of their answers impress you.

Can You Put My Website in the Number One Slot?

This is a trick question that will still stump many SEO companies. Ask them if they can put you in the number one position for your particular keyword, but be able to do it in a short duration.

Experienced and knowledgeable SEO companies realize that there are many different things that determine the ranking of a site. As a result, they will not tell you that they can definitely put you in that top spot. However, they might tell you that they can work towards that goal and maybe put you on the first page of searches for your particular keyword.

If you ask this question and the SEO company says that they can do it in a short amount of time, then strike that company off of your list. Any company that tries to guarantee quick rankings such as this is using black hat SEO methods that will ultimately harm your site.

What is your method for building links?

There is nothing magical when it comes to building links. A good internet marketing agency won’t hold back this information and will tell you how it builds links. Besides, a majority of the link building methods that most SEO companies use are already known by most people.

When a company seems slow to answer this question, it is probably because they have a link building system that could be perceived as spam. This type of system goes against Google’s policies and will most definitely harm your site in the end.

Would it be Okay If I Talk to Some of Your Current Clients?

Obviously, SEO companies cannot tell you about specific private campaigns that they have with other clients, but they should not have a problem showing you the past results from certain clients. Top results are what make a great SEO company and examples should be on hand.

If an internet marketing agency is not able to provide positive customer testimonials or feedback, then this shows that this company is not a good performer. Strike it off of your list. Only use companies that have proven records of success.

Why are You Different from Your Competitors?

The world of SEO expertise is very saturated. There are tons of no name companies and individuals that are trying to get your business. The wise thing to do is to research and find out what makes a good internet marketing agency. Then do some further research and determine if the companies on your list meet those requirements. As a matter of fact, see if there is evidence that they go beyond those requirements.

Some SEO companies work with small companies, but others work for large corporations. Some might only work in certain industries. Ask your potential companies if they service a particular type of company or if they have an expertise. What makes them special? If you fit within that field of expertise, then you may have found the perfect match for your company.


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